Our Soft Cleaning Process

Our soft-cleaning process for exterior surfaces has been especially developed to circumvent the various harmful elements of the traditional high-pressure or jetwash cleaning process. High-pressure hoses cause lasting damage to property by stripping protective coatings and joint-fillers from between paving, not to mention physical abrasion on stone, brick, mortar and especially wooden fencing or decking.

We use only standard garden-hose pressure to apply our solution and rinse off with water, protecting surfaces from damage and leaving surface protectants intact. Peace of mind for residential customers, a no-hassle and cost-effective solution for commercial companies.

Our specialist smart solution targets only substances of a certain composition such as black-spot, mold and algae, leaving your exterior surfaces safe and intact. Deep cleaning that reveals natural colour without damage.

Our process will effectively clean

  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Mold
  • Algae
  • Black-spot
  • Black streaks

and more.

The quick and simple soft cleaning solution

We’re faster than you’d expect, with astonishing results. Because we use Monty Solution which acts in minutes to bring surfaces back to life, we literally just need time to apply and rinse. No return visits to re-apply damaged coatings. We use the word “astonishing”, because that’s what we hear from our customers time-after-time.

We’re happy to demonstrate our soft cleaning process, as you can see from our photos and videos speed and effectiveness of our soft cleaning solution is amazing.