Commercial Soft Cleaning Services

We provide fast and effective, jetwash free exterior cleaning services for commercial properties. Make the best impression on visitors by showing off your building the way it’s meant to look.

Our soft cleaning process achieves astounding results in literally minutes, all we need is time to cover the area then rinse off with water at regular hose pressure leaving surfaces clean and without the damage associated with high-pressure hoses or jetwashing.

We can clean most exterior surfaces with ease:

  • Brick
  • Block paving
  • Natural stone
  • Stone Flags
  • Stone facings
  • Render
  • Concrete
  • Tarmac
  • Roof tile
  • Perspex
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Wood fencing and decking

and many more…

We offer discounted contractual arrangements for our commercial customers but we’re happy to arrange one-off jobs whenever you need.

Got important visitors? Get your building back to it’s original state with the minimum hassle.

Our superior cleaning process uses a new “smart solution” that doesn’t cause damage to buildings and surfaces like traditional jetwashing methods. We target just the unwanted dirt, mold, algae, black-spot and streaks leaving surfaces clean and undamaged. Our soft cleaning process involves only standard hose pressures to apply our solution so it doesn’t strip out joint-fillers from paving and doesn’t strip protective coatings from other surfaces including wood.

Without needing to make return visits to repair damage or re-coat surfaces we need little longer than the time it takes to spray then rinse your property. Our solution acts literally in a few minutes - we’re happy to demonstrate.

First impressions count,

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Clean and bright is always right